matching the employer and professionals transparently

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Professional Profile

You can update your CV when ever you need. We respect your privacy so the profile it's your private tool. You can check open positions from your feed and when you find something interesting it's easy to apply the position. You don't have to do new application, your profile goes employers monitor when ever you are interested to apply. All the jobs you do throw your profile will be automatically saved in your CV.

Employer Profile

It's easy to create your private employer profile. You can open new jobs when ever you need. With one job advertisement you reach huge group of professionals. Among those professionals you can create your one trusted ring to fill your acute needs for example sickleaves. We have automate the whole SMS-process also for you. If nobody can come from your trusted ring we will open the position to whole pool of professionals. You can choose the best applicant easily with just one click.

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Matching transparently

Our goal is to implement the best tools for professionals and employees to find each other easy and fast. We also want to take care the professional development and provide great tools to do that. Our value is equal job-hunting for both parties. Our professional pools are high quality. All the members are approved by their organizations.